Luke George Herro



Luke Herro’s first experience of the business and investment arena was during the notoriously tumultuous period in the late Eighties and early Nineties. The extreme boom and bust cycles which defined this period in economic history had an important impact in forming Luke’s initial understanding of business.

Our Director Luke’s greatest strength in business is his ability to see past the noise of day to day, and remain focused on the broader picture.

Luke has shown a consistent ability to recognise value in securities at times when they are out of favour with the market, as evidenced at the peak of the financial crisis. During this period, he applied a contrarian investing strategy in both the company’s and his personal portfolios, demonstrating a willingness to act at times of great uncertainty, and achieving truly extraordinary outcomes.

Believing that combined with vision such extreme circumstances can give rise to some of the greatest opportunities, when most were selling their exposure to the equity market, Luke was increasing his.

Luke has an MBA (AGSM), and possesses both an academic and fundamental understanding of business and investing. While formally trained, he is also attentive to the weaknesses in the assumptions and methods of measuring in common investment theory and accounting standards. Luke is acutely aware of the impact of cycles on investing decisions, and the need to think independently of the market. Through this understanding, he has an ability to recognise intrinsic value embedded in the balance sheet of a company, often below the surface of headline news or published research, going against the grain of prevailing wisdom.

Luke has a broad vision, and has shown not only the capacity to recognise change and be adaptive, but also the ability to orchestrate such change in an intelligent manner. He possesses significant practical experience in business across many sectors, including the development and rollout of uniforms for an iconic Australian brand, and is a recipient of the Westfield NSW Award for Retail Excellence.

In being particularly aware of the power of character and manner when working with people, Luke’s ability to build positive relationships based on trust, both internally and externally, is one of his greatest strengths.


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